Attn All Vendors!

Your webmaster needs your help in updating the Vendor Directory. I will be updating the Vendor page list to the 2012 current members that will be given to me soon so if you are a vendor in good standing please do the following:

*Check the Vendor Page to see if we have your business and contact info correct. If you have a new website or facebook page link for example, let me know it!

*If you are not listed at all please help us to list you! Email with all your information (Biz name, contact info, URL to website or facebook, or email address and/or phone number).

*Check the Vendor Links at the right side of the website front page to make sure your hotlink to website or facebook page is listed. (note: if you don’t have an online page to link to your name does not appear in this list, however people will be able to find you via clicking on the A-Complete Vendor List link back to the Vendor Page Directory.) If you don’t have a website we can and probably will put a link to one of the articles about you in the Stonington Farmers Market website so that your customers can read more about you. Look for this in future as it may take your webmaster awhile to get this done.

IN ADDITION: As usual the webmaster is trying to feature everyone at least once this season and continually throughout the year. The webmaster is also a vendor and busy selling during the actual market. So if you haven’t been featured yet or if you have newsworthy items/press releases, please send them and photo jpegs to and bring it to her attention. This will ensure that nobody gets left out unintentionally. Thank you!

PS: We are just hovering at almost 200 facebook likes as of today!


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