Artful Flowers From Dan’s Flower Farm

‘Tis the season for entertaining and your favorite place to shop—the Stonington Farmers Market —has just what you need. Our longtime vendor Dan’s Flower Farm can provide fresh-cut local blooms for your table. To avoid disappointment (he always sells out), call Dan at 359-2047 to arrange a special order, which he’ll deliver to you at the Market.

Dan’s artist wife Leslie Anderson has just received a second printing of “A Painter’s Year,” her colorful 2013 calendar depicting Deer Isle and Blue Hill Peninsula scenes.

Dan’s Flower Farm is located in the market on the “Quiet Aisle” at market center up near the entrance to the Community Center.

Have a summer wedding or special event planned? Dan’s Flower Farm is your source. Come see him this Friday from 10AM to Noon. Or visit him and Leslie Anderson Art Studio in Sedgwick.



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