Meeting Minutes Posted

Stonington  Farmers  Market Minutes From June 2012 Meeting

The spring vendors meeting was held at the conclusion of the market on Friday June 15 2012.

Bob Bowen, President presided.

Caty Frazier, Treasurer urged all vendors to adhere to the one time set-up fee for the season on which we agreed last fall.  This will ease the collection process at each market which took so much time in previous years.  To date, only a few vendors have paid in the $75.00 covering the markets from Memorial Day to Labor Day.   Markets occurring outside those dates are without setup fees.  Caty reported that after all expenses are paid, there is a balance in the Market account of some $2000.  Financially, the Market is in good shape.  Thanks to Caty for her diligent management of our financial affairs.

Bob asked if there were any vendors who had objections to the current slate of officers now that Stuart White is no longer in his role of space allocator.  This role had now been taken over by Betty , Michael and the undersigned on an as- needed basis.

New market officers will be discussed at the fall vendors meeting.

Meeting concluded at 12:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted                                                          CHH

(Courtenay Haight, Secretary)


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