Farmers Market Sales Providing Scholarships for Mayan Children

Be sure to check out the wares of vendor Nancy Wynne when you come to market this Friday. Here’s what she has been up to this winter:

100% of the profits from the sales of beautiful crafts and textiles from Guatemala and Chiapas sold at Stonington’s Farmer’s Market benefit the Guatemala Housing Alliance’s scholarship program.   GHA received 501c3 standing 2011, and for the school year that began in January we have gifted scholarships to 31 Tz’utujil Mayan children from the south shore of Lago de Atitlan.   All the children are from families living in extreme poverty.   Although education is ‘public’ in Guatemala, there are many fees, books, uniforms and supplies that must be purchased.  For an elementary aged student that amounts to about $150 per year, an cost beyond that the possibility of families whose 14 hour workday in the fields yields less than $4.     More advanced grades have bigger expenses, and we are happy this year to include 3 college students.   All the scholarship recipients are required to do community service, including mentoring and lake clean up.*

To date this season, after my first 4 semi-relaxed market days, my little table has earned over $400 profit…nearly enough for 3 young children’s education for next year.   YEAH Farmer’s Market!!!!

GHA is currently building its 3rd home for/with families who live in unsafe dwellings.  Photos of the build we did in April in San Pablo La Laguna, and the home it replaced, can be seen in the slideshow below.

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