Market Opens This Friday!

Is it May 25th already? In Stonington, Maine everyone has been counting down the days to Memorial Weekend. This Friday is the opening of the Stonington Farmers Market (the best farmers market in Maine!).

Vendors and customers alike have been anticipating the opening. Not all vendors will be in attendance but don’t fret, that’s normal. Fruit and produce are seasonal and come in at different times throughout the year. Some of our craftspeople are migratory and aren’t up to Maine yet. Looking for seedlings to plant in your own garden? Someone will have them at our market. Looking for gourmet prepared food, cheeses, meats, seafood, bread and bakery items? Ditto. You’ll find some gorgeous crafts to take home, too. Come to Stonington this Friday to find lots of food, fine crafts, and fun! Happy Memorial Day from the Stonington Farmers Market.

NOTE: Waters Edge Bagels will not be at market on opening day but will be there next week. Art By Katy will be showing end June and onward. If you are a vendor who will not be attending, please add your notice to the comments section below this post. Thanks!


One response to “Market Opens This Friday!

  1. Goodnight Farm will not be in attendance until mid-June.


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