It’s been suggested that the first meeting of the Stonington Farmers Market vendors be moved from May 25 (beginning of market) to June 15 instead.
So please note (and spread the word) that the meeting will be held June 15th. This is a general meeting and all vendors and new vendors
are encouraged to participate. If you have pressing issues that you would like to add to the agenda please let us know asap. Otherwise if
it’s not a big issue you can bring it to the meeting. The meetings are generally held in the big room at the Island Community Center immediately
after breakdown of farmers market.

Here is the agenda so far.

Thank you!

Agenda for vendors meeting
Friday June 15th

Greetings by Pres. Bob Bowen, welcome to new vendors

Treasurers Report—- Caty Frazier

Old Business:
— Starting Time for the market.  Are we hppy with that?

–Licenses and Permits.
Those who need them, have them?

— Collexction of vendor fees.
Bob proposed a one time fee for the entire season some time ago as a way to simplify the arduous weekly collection process which has prevailed in the past..  Do we think that is a good idea?

–Relationship with the Town and with the Community Center
Is any one aware of any concerns in this regard?

New Business



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