May 25th After Market Vendor Meeting Date Set—Agenda Points Sought by April 7th

UPDATE: First Meeting Changed to June 15th not May 25th

Greetings Vendors,

The first vendor meeting of the Stonington Farmers Market will be held immediately after the market of Memorial Day Weekend on May 25th. We are collecting issues that people want to discuss so that we can publish an agenda for this meeting prior to the meeting.

We will be able to put several issues to vote at the meeting and in addition this year we may provide an online voting ballot of some kind so that people unable to attend the meeting will still have their say. More on this after the
agenda is drawn up.

Please note that your webmaster and volunteer PR person (Katy Allgeyer )is not the proper channel for venting frustrations or sending questions to regarding market policy or other announcements. If you would like to post comments or feedback on the website or on the facebook page, you are able to do so by using the comments link buttons on both forums.

our secretary Courtenay Haight <> by April 7th so that an agenda may be typed up and then put on the website by our webmaster for all to review   (YES THE DATE FOR GETTING YOUR ISSUES ON THE AGENDA HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO APRIL 7TH!)
Thank you.


3 responses to “May 25th After Market Vendor Meeting Date Set—Agenda Points Sought by April 7th

  1. Pam Rackliffe Capurso

    Well, since we have to sign up to attend either 10 weeks, mid-June through August at $50, or pay the $100 for the entire market season it seems to me some of the market vendors will not be present for the first meeting the last Friday in May. With gas close to $4.00 per gallon and rising you can’t expect those of us who are opting for the 10 week period to be able to attend. To be fair to ALL the vendors it seems to me that meeting needs to be moved until the mid-June date. What is becoming of the Stonington Farmer’s Market?


  2. This is an oversight that needs to be corrected. Thank you for pointing it out. How about June 15th which is when we should have most people there. Is there any reason that won’t work? any problems. ?


    • Bob== I see no problem with changing the market meeting date. Do you want me to post it on facebook and website and then send email out to the group re the change in date? Let me know and I shall proceed. Thanks! Katy


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