Clarification and Seasonal Fee Collection for 2012

Ten week period will be from mid June thru August.  As to rent, we didn’t have any excess (funds) in 2011 as in the past.  Only $1,000 (extra and over expenses) I think. Our rent has gone up !  And the pay in advance wasn’t voted on, it just makes so much sense. If anyone wants to come forward ( a volunteer position open to any vendor members) to collect every week during the whole 22 week market than it can still be done that way. It just seems stupid to take an hour every week to do it and the record keeping involved.  At $5 a week we have the cheapest rate around for the amount of customers we get.   In Bangor, I pay $20 a week!  Bar Harbor is $10 plus the annual amount of $75.  And none are anywhere as good as Stonington.  To hold a spot for someone that is only there a few months as to renting to a full season person is maybe something we need to discuss since rent is such an issue!

PS: Non profits will be the same as last years. $50 I think you paid.  They are all the same, we are just trying to find a way to get dues in early to get them over with.

Bob Bowen


6 responses to “Clarification and Seasonal Fee Collection for 2012

  1. Bob: what are the dates included in the full season? Don’t we usually open the end of May and go through mid-October? That’s about 18 weeks. Would that cost $100? It still is not clear so please clarify full season dates and fee. Thank you. Cathy


  2. If we want to pay our space fee in advance who would we send the check too?


  3. I thought we did the last two Fridays in May last year?!?!…I loved that. It was a bit slow but was great seeing everyone and getting into the Friday morning rhythm. The $100.00 is it; plus the membership fee …right ? Regardless of the number of weeks one chooses to attend. Thanks Bob.


  4. I’m wondering if the $100 fee will apply to the non-profits as in the past I think we only paid the $5 during the summer months (10 weeks).

    Thanks very much.
    Ellen Stevenson
    Island Peace & Justice


  5. I is a great idea, much easier all the way around. As someone else inquired where do we send the check. Thanks


  6. Island Community Center

    On Mar 4, 2012, at 8:58 PM, Island Community Center wrote:


    The rent did not go up this year.



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