Message From Our President Re: Market Fees

Our Stonington Farmers Market President Bob Bowen wanted all vendors to be aware of the following:

We are going to switch from weekly collections of dues (Market Vendor Fees) to seasonal.  $100 for the season or $50 for a 10 week period. And we can rent the 10 week slots to others for the balance.  No weekly collections will be accepted. All dues must be paid by the forth of July week.  In full, no exceptions!  Plus the $ 40 entry fee.  This is cheap compared to others. (Vendors) pay $350 to Bar Harbor and $1,000 a year to the Bangor market.


CORRECTION: The “Entry Fee” that is sent with your application is $20 not $40


3 responses to “Message From Our President Re: Market Fees

  1. Jorge Castaneda

    The application says $20.00 and you said $40.00 entry fee.
    Which one is correct?
    Jorge Castaneda


  2. It does work better this way…seems to in Brooksville…and July is certainly enough time to get the fee paid…Thanks Bob!

    all the Love Marcie!


  3. Bob: What time period does “the season” cover? It’s not clear. Cathy Hart


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