OHA! New Board Members at Opera House

Stonington Farmers Market member Opera House Arts reports new board members:

STONINGTON – Opera House Arts held its annual board elections and budget meeting Saturday, October 1, 2011. The board elected three new members, new officers, and approved an operating budget for the upcoming new fiscal year, from November 1, 2011-October 31, 2012—the Centennial Year for the 1912 Stonington Opera House.
Lael Stegall of Deer Isle, having completed her two-year term as chair of the board and as one of 2003’s founding members of the Opera House Arts’ board, passed the torch to Rich Howe of Stonington, who has served for the last two years as vice-chair of the board. John Ollman of Stonington and Philadelphia, PA was elected vice-chair. Robert T. Lasky of Little Deer Isle was re-elected as Treasurer and Judith Jerome of Deer Isle was re-elected as clerk.
“I couldn’t be more pleased,” Stegall said in her last public appearance prior to her death from pancreatic cancer later that month, as she welcomed the new officers and members. “To take these next steps in sustaining Opera House Arts as our theater turns 100-years-old.”
“This centennial year of the Stonington Opera House is a huge milestone for our island and area,” Howe said. “It’s exciting to celebrate the fact that, as a community, we’ve been able to revive a building and institution that is not only on the National Register of Historic Places, but has been at the heart of the community for so many generations.”
The board elected and welcomed three new members: Robert Tobin of Deer Isle, Mary Ann Tynan of Deer Isle and Dedham, MA, and Debbie Weil of Stonington and Washington, D.C. For full bios, please go to http://www.operahousearts.org/bod.html.


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