OHA! News–Making Stonington a Year Round Destination

Community members have asked us for “off season” events, and so far, despite braving early snow, both our spring and fall 2011 events have been successful at bringing 100s of people to downtown Stonington in April and the last weeks of October/beginning of November.

Please mark your calendars for these upcoming off season events. I am working to create “Maine Escape” and “staycation” packages around these opportunities: please let me know if you are interested in participating in those specially targeted marketing efforts.

·  December 10: “A Christmas Carol,” one man show featuring Tim Pugliese by the New Surry Theater Company—great foundation for a Stonington Holiday Weekend
·  Feb 2-12: Annual Opera House Winter Drama. This year the play will be “The Aliens” by hot young playwright Annie Baker, directed by Peter Richards
·  Feb 29-Mar 1: Figures of Speech’s John Farrell in T.S. Eliot’s classic master work, “The Four Quartets”
·  April 13-14: a dynamite concert by Seattle-based ukelele and steel guitar jazz-grass phenom and character Del Rey, who has performed at OH before and is very popular. We also have her booked for a ukelele workshop that Saturday. A truly “special event” weekend!
We’re looking for collaborators and partners in continuing to build Stonington as a year round destination for special folks that get that “pretty” is sometimes nicer and more authentic when it is “gritty.”  Contact Linda Nelson or Jennifer Morrow 367-2788

Sand Beach Stonington © Katy Allgeyer


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