Sunset Acres Starting a Weekly Subscription Delivery Service

Even though the Stonington Farmers Market is closed for the season, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your cheese and eat it, too. Bob Bowen of Sunset Acres Farm & Dairy announced today that he will be making weekly deliveries to Stonington and the island to select subscribers to his new service. Products that will be available to customers who sign up for the plan include artisanal goat cheeses, eggs, and quality meats—bringing his market stand directly to you!

Here’s how to subscribe:
Sunset Acres will be making monthly deliveries to the islands. Please e mail me that you want to be on list, and I will give you a weeks notice to when I will deliver. Fridays to Seamark ( if okayed) and market site in Stonington. Check our web site  for products and soon updated prices!!!!   E-Mail address is    Not sure of start date. Depends on interest and input from you. Awaiting your interest!!
~Bob Bowen


4 responses to “Sunset Acres Starting a Weekly Subscription Delivery Service

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