Download 2012 Application Here

You have until March 15, 2012 to apply to the Stonington Farmers Market. But why not get it done early so you can relax all winter and cross it off your list? Go to the Applications page for more info.


3 responses to “Download 2012 Application Here

  1. What a terrific web site you folks have. It is just like being at the farmer’s market — I get to meet the vendors and learn about their businesses and products, hear community news, tap into local resources. Your web site has inspired me to travel to Stonington next year to visit your farmer’s market. And It has even encouraged me to start one in my home town of Lubec! Thanks for the wonderful community resource and spirit you provide for Stonington and for this great web site that allows me to enjoy your farmer’s market from my living room in Lubec!


  2. Someone noticed that the original application said to return the app by March 15, 2010—–we’ve corrected the app to say 2012. No need to resend in your app if you already have. Just striving to get it right with the “Correct” version we’ve uploaded today. Thanks!


  3. @Jody— Thank you for your wonderful comments about our website! We wish you great success with the Lubec farmers market, too! 🙂


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