Happy Thanksgiving

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Whatever your beliefs, whatever your views, if you are part of the Stonington Farmers Market as a vendor or as a customer we wish you and your family and friends a very Happy Thanksgiving with plenty of good food to eat.

We are most grateful to everyone who supports our market and our vendors by shopping local and continuing to seek out our products via our Vendor Directory. Consider doing your holiday gift giving shopping from the list of good folks you’ll find there.

Way to Go, Kim!

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Click here to read the full article on our vendor Kim Kral– Congratulations! We’re sure the lines at next summer’s Stonington Farmers Market will be even longer after reading this!

Lucy’s New Website


Shopping Guatemala in Stonington

Holiday Gift shopping just got easier. Be sure to check out the Stonington Holiday Fair mentioned below. Here’s a sneak peek at the hand made crafts from Guatemala Housing Alliance. Nancy & Mac are returning from their charitable foundation work this week with lots of merchandise for sale.

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44 N Harvests the Blue Ribbon

44N is just one of the great vendors in our Vendor Directory that you can contact to get some holiday shopping done from your own home. 44 N Coffee and related products make great gifts. And congrats to Meghan and Melissa on bringing home the blue ribbon from the Maine Harvest Festival!

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Evergreen Friday

Why spend your time at the mall on a day called Black Friday when you could be outdoors enjoying Evergreen Friday instead? Evergreen Friday is when you realize that your favorite Stonington Farmers Market vendors can make your holiday shopping easy and fun and you can shop from your computer or with your phone— just contact your favorite vendors via our Vendor Directory.  Most of our market vendors carry some or all of their products year round and are happy to ship to you from Maine.  Whether you are shopping for smoked meats, artisanal vinegars, hand made soaps, wooden crafts, artwork, jewelry, sauces, wreaths, restaurant gift certificates, wine, cheese, books, photography, quilts, toys…and much more!…think Stonington Farmers Market Vendors for all of your gift shopping this year! We thank you for your patronage.

A Year in Flowers

Many of our Stonington Farmers Market vendors have just what you are looking for when doing your holiday shopping. Case in point, artist Leslie Anderson. Click here to jump to the purchase page.


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Meet Me In Stonington For Meet Me in St. Louis…

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Classic movies make a return trip to the big screen with Opera House Arts new Community Matinee Series, kicking off with Meet Me In St. Louis on Thursday, November 19 at 1 p.m. www.operahousearts.org

Island institute Blog

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Casting Call

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With Thanksgiving fast approaching, family meal time is on our mind. OHA is offering you the chance to be a part of someone else’s crazy family. Here’s the info on this unusual casting call:

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