Early Birds Get the Burritos

DSC08263 These people are smart. They want El El Frijoles burritos and they line up for them at the Stonington Farmers Market *early* because Michael sells out of burritos *fast*.

DSC08251 Speaking of running out fast, if you don’t line up early at Morningstar Seafood & Guatamala Housing Alliance, you’ll miss out on the locally caught crabmeat which sometimes is in short supply. If it’s any consolation, you’ll always find some food for your soul in plenty—colorful Guatemalan handcrafts that benefit Nancy Wynne’s non profit org.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 6.18.26 PM  Waters Edge Bagels & Bread Bakery is known for selling out of bagels and other yummy treats early . Tinderhearth only brings so many chocolate croissants. And Sunset Acres Farm & Dairy often sells out of your favorite cuts of meat and chicken due to the logistics of supply & demand.

Are you seeing a trend here? The Summer Folks Have Arrived! Although we can’t sell to you until the bell rings at 10AM sharp but we recommend you get to the Stonington Farmers Market early now that the summer is in full swing. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on your favorite sweets and savories. :)

Barn Crazy

Barn Crazy

Barn Crazy

If you love the vintage architecture of Deer Isle, you’ll love the paintings of Katy Allgeyer (Art By Katy). Take “Barn Crazy” (shown above) which features 3 of the artist’s favorite authentic barns on the island fancifully placed in one meadow of tigerlilies.

Art By Katy

Art By Katy

See more of Katy’s work at the Stonington Farmers Market from 10AM to Noon every Friday in season or at the Hutton Gallery in Deer Isle and the upstairs gallery at the Waters Edge Wine Shop in Stonington.

Art By Katy

Art By Katy

Maine Tea Party

We can honestly say without partisanship that Chai Wallahs of Maine is popular with both sides of the aisle at the Stonington Farmers Market. Every Friday from 10AM to Noon you’ll find people lining up to savor the scent of specialty teas made in Maine.

Assorted Souvenirs From the SFM

You’ll find all kinds of things that you want to eat and much much more at the Stonington Farmers Market every Friday from 10AM to Noon. Take home a little piece of your vacation with you when you shop the best farmers market in Maine!

Sausage Central

DSC08239Andy and Libby of Smith’s Smokehouse make no bones about it: their smoked sausages, meats, and cheese are some of the most popular specialty foods at the Stonington Farmers Market. Come to the central aisle every Friday from 10AM to Noon to get some of their home grown shaved ham, bacon, and country pate’ too.


Preorder Your Thanksgiving Turkey

This just in: Old Ackley Farm is taking preorders on their premium heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving 2014. Find them at their tent at the top of hill entrance to the Stonington Farmers Market this Friday from 10AM to Noon.

Sweet Days of Summer

Scones, cinnamon sticky buns, lemon squares and other yummy confections await you at the Stonington Farmers Market. These are from the Millbrook Company Bakery at the top of the hill entrance. Come down this Friday from 10AM to Noon and have breakfast with us.

Haight Has Dipping Oil

You must come to the Stonington Farmers Market this Friday (and every Friday in season) from 10AM to Noon to stock up on gourmet specialty foods for your summer pantry. Hey, you can even take some home to enjoy all winter long! For example, this tasty dipping oil and savory vinegar from Haight Farm.


Caramel Yumm

DSC08304 You’ll find Yellow Birch Farm at the Stonington Farmers Market every Friday from 10AM to Noon at their tent located at the bottom of the hill. Yes, you can buy their veggies or delicious goat cheese. But wait, there’s more!DSC08305 Melissa offers a very unique caramel sauce that comes in a pretty jar. Their sign makes it sound like it’s a health food instead of a sinfully sweet confection that is sure to add pizazz to your pancakes or ice cream this summer. Maybe it can be both? Who cares! You’re going to want to get some yumm.


Bich Nga Says Bye-Bye

We regret to inform our friends and customers that Bich Nga of Far East Asian Cuisine has withdrawn from the Stonington Farmers Market for the season. Known as much for her bubbly personality as she is for her spring rolls, Bich Nga is now a budding author and wants to take time out to spend it marketing her books and writing her new one. If you haven’t heard about her novel yet, click here to find out more!  We wish her all the best and hope she returns to us soon. Meanwhile you can still find her Vietnamese inspired food at the Orono Farmers Market on Saturdays.