El El Frijoles Offer To Win Supper Club For 6

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Stonington Farmers Market would be buried under a mountain of snow if it were open in winter. But one of our vendors– El El Frijoles– has an inspirational idea. Click Here to learn more!

Tourism Summit April 27-29 in Portland

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Racism is Never “Appropriate”: Drama at OHA Feb 24th

A play that explores family and racial tensions,

in celebration of African-American History Month

Opera House Arts (OHA) is proud to offer performances of a staged community reading of Branden Jacobs-Jenkin’s drama Appropriate at the Stonington Opera House Tuesday, February 24 at 7 p.m. and Wednesday, February 25 at 7 p.m. The performance will be directed by Linda Nelson, OHA’s Producing Artistic Director, and include visiting artist David Mason in addition to talented area community members. The first read through of the play, open to all interested, will be on Friday, February 13, at 7 p.m.

“This is a perfect play for creating dialogue in white communities around the everyday, familial nature of racism,” said Linda Nelson, OHA’s Producing Artistic Director. “The dynamics of the (white) Lafayette family are both painfully funny and heartbreaking.”

The 2014 play by award winning Jacob-Jenkins (Neighbors, An Octoroon) focuses on the reunion of the Lafayette siblings and their families, drawn together again following the death of their father. Complicated relationships and long-standing family dysfunctions make this gathering difficult and darkly humorous from the start–and the discovery of a photo album filled with lynching victims quickly has all family members questioning their heritage and legacy.


Award winning playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins 2014 play, Appropriate, will be featured as Opera House Arts’ February “Our Own” Staged Community Playreading. New

Chowder vs Powder

Had enough of the powder piling up? Nothing warms you up on a cold winter’s day like a good cuppa fish chowder. The Stonington Farmers Market is closed in winter but you can still get your seafood from our vendor Lobster Shack year round. Here’s a recipe to chase away the snow fatigue:

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Lily’s House Pop Up Shop/Wine Bar Friday Feb 20th

The Stonington Farmers Market has many artisan vendors who might be interested in this special event at Lily’s House on Friday Feb 20th. There will be an amazing array of quilting fabrics for sale $2.00 a yard at the ‘back table’. There will also be new fabrics from Alewives’ Pop Up Shop and a wine bar from 5PM to 7PM at Lily’s House on Friday night. Contact Lily’s House via email at lilyshouse12@gmail.com for more information or show up on Friday night:
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photo courtesy of kyra/lily's house

photo courtesy of kyra/lily’s house

Flying Owls

Obviously the Stonington Farmers Market is closed for the winter but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop your favorite vendors! Here’s what’s new from Geoffrey Warner Studio.

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Snow Got You Down?

If you’re tired of the winter without the Stonington Farmers Market, our frendor Michael Rossney will cheer you up with his newsletter from El El Frijoles. EnJOY!

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Well, this is a lot of fun, right? Those of us lucky enough to be living here in beautiful Downeast Maine are lovingly gazing out the windows at the Third Major Snowstorm of the Week! Now, I grew up in L.A., right, so even though I have been here full time for a decade, I still somehow have this romantic notion of the Snow. You see, I remember waking at dawn and stuffing into someones piece of crap 4th-hand car and setting off for a day of skiing 2 1/2 hours away in the San Bernardino mountains. We were young, and strong and stupid and willing to put up with all kinds of hassle and discomfort for the freedom of the slopes. It was great, and we were back at the beach by bed time, so we could go body surfing in the morning.
But now, this never-ending dump of ice and snow from the angry gods above us, and the associated cleanup, slip & falls and frostbitten hands is a whole different thing. It is one thing to seek out the cold & snowy for sport and entertainment, but when it rules your very existence? Well, this is a whole other thing. We suit up to dig these Habitrail paths through our environment, one out to the woodshed so we can get fuel for the stove (to keep us ALIVE!), another down to the driveway and around the car (in case we need to escape). We get to shovel a tunnel out to the Taqueria (those words have never been put together in the history of the written word) too! It IS amazingly beautiful, honestly it is, but after a while there is just so much packed snow everywhere, it gets heavy and there just is no place left to put it! It’s like being in a 1980 Tercel with 4 teenage boys, each with ski boots, jackets, pants, cassette tapes, bongs, hats, Walkmen and a cooler full of random junk food- It’s a bit tight….

In any case, you are probably just want to hear about our February Supper Club. We have put together a great menu, inspired by some of the most delicious things we have eaten on our travels. From Venice to Paris to San Francisco, to Vienna:


Call us right now at 207.359.2486 to make a reservation!
In fact, one lucky family member is off to Austria this very week! Yup, Michele is headed to rural, Lower Austria for a few days of teaching (she will absolutely NOT be tasting any of the delicious local wine, or sampling any of the preserved vegetables or sausages the region is famous for). Nope, this is all work and no play. She promised!  She is actually just flying all the way to Vienna just to pick up the special triangular, seeded brown bread for our Supper Club. Dedication, people, that’s what we are all about!
Now, this lack of an actual chef might cripple a lesser taqueria, but we have a real back-up chef waiting to step in and take over the difficult and all-consuming job of telling me what to do. Miss Kara van Emmerik will be on hand next Wed./Thurs. keeping us all well supplied with quality, innovative Mexican food.  We’ll also have our shining star Sara here, and of course The Intern will be here as well. We are totally ready to go, and when Michele returns with the  Bread we can get ready to present our February Supper Club dinner. And hopefully, we’ll be shoveled out by then too!
Thanks for your support, we can’t wait see you soon.
-Michael, Michele and Jasper

For more info, or if you need to chat, call us at 207.359.2486
Operators are standing by

NYT Salutes Maine Coffeemakers

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Congratulations to our Stonington Farmers Market vendors 44 North Coffee on their recent press in the New York Times! Read the article here.


Friday Winter Market in Stonington

There is a small market happening every Friday, from 11-1, at the old post office on main street in Deer Isle that has a few of our Stonington Farmers Market vendors.  Spruce Hill Farm is selling their goat cheeses and eggs; Haight Farm is selling their oils and vinegars as well as some homemade- out of old  barn boards- tables; Eggemoggin Salt Works has their flavored sea salts; Brenda Fowler – Bagaduce breads- has fresh baked breads, cookies and muffins and Poland Family Farm has their own raised beef, pork, eggs and organic raspberry jam as well as stoneset farm organic blueberries. There is always a hot soup for the body and live music for the soul. Stop by and pickup some good food every Friday!!

Interns at Opera House: Apply by April 1 Duedate

High school and college students welcome to apply for internships with Opera House Arts

Opera House Arts (OHA) has opened its application period for stipended internships for high school and college age students. Internships are available at the nonprofit theater in a number of areas including acting, stage tech and management, backstage and costume, video production, and nonprofit administration. Internships range from a minimum of four weeks to a maximum of 10 weeks, and accepted interns are expected to work approximately 20 hours per week, for a total of 120 hours for a six-week internship.

High school interns are eligible for stipends of up to $500, and college students are eligible for stipends of up to $1,000 depending on the length of the internship and hours worked. One Lael Stegall Memorial Internship is available for a college underclassman or graduate student and is stipended at $1,500. Community Service Credit is also available, as is school credit depending on institutional requirements.

Internships are competitive and structured to be skill building and educational. Interns will be asked to perform a variety of tasks meaningful to the operations of the nonprofit theater, and should be willing to do so with good spirit and self-motivation. All interns are expected to learn and demonstrate professional job skills and the ability to work alone or in groups. Interns are responsible for knowing and checking schedules, and obtaining their own transportation. A valid driver’s license is a plus. A very limited amount of housing is available for out-of-town interns.

The deadline for the 2015 summer internships is Wednesday, April 1. More information and a downloadable application is available at www.operahousearts.org.