Annual SFM Meeting Next Friday

Hi Market Vendors,

We decided next week should be our annual meeting as it is the last full one probably. There will be elections to deal with, reports and the possibility of another Stonington market in the works. Should we try to deal with it ??

Also, any complaints anyone has should go to the membership committee or myself. Am sorry the dues paying didn’t go as well as we had hoped. Some haven’t paid, others won’t pay (nor return next year) and our terrific treasurer Caty Frazier is stepping down.So we need a qualified treasurer to come forward at the annual meeting and we need to iron out the payment details.

Please pass the word to all vendors and let’s get good attendance at the meeting.
Warm regards
Bob B.

Meeting will be held immediately following next Friday’s Stonington Farmers Market inside the Island Community Center. It is not mandatory to attend but if you care about your market and want your voice to be heard, this is the time and the place to be.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

It’s always sweater weather in Maine! That’s why you need a Dream Weaver creation by Mary Eaton. She’ll be at the Stonington Farmers Market beginning May 23rd. Until then, check out these new beauties from Dream Weaver. These styles in multiple color choices will be available at Stonington, Blue Hill, and Brooksvile Farmers markets and at the Deer Isle Artisans market. Or contact Mary at


Spring Color Sale at Geoffrey Warner Studio

We’re certain you are looking forward to seeing all your favorite vendors at the Stonington Farmers Market (Opening Day is May 23rd this year). Here’s some news from Geoffrey Warner Studio:

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 8.58.34 AM

Spring Colors Make Every Room Happy!

Enjoy the freshness of Spring with our Foggy Morning Green and Tropical Blue Owl Stools. Choose the Rolling Owl or Owl Perch stools with a cherry or walnut seat.
20% off these Spring Colored Stools
Now through April 30th.
Use code Spring14. No code needed from the website.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 8.55.12 AM

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 8.55.36 AM

No Kidding Around…Come See the Baby Goats!

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.47.13 AM

Did you know that you can go to Sunset Acres Farm & Dairy in Brooksville any day from 8AM to 5PM to see the kid goats that have been born this spring? Feeding the babies happens at those times as well. Farmer Bob Bowen is our Stonington Farmers Market president and would welcome the chance to show your kids his kids. Click here for more info on how to get there and contact the farm.
Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.50.59 AM

April 19th Romeo & Juliet Live Cabaret

Live Cabaret Returns to Opera House with Contemporary Take on Romeo &
Juliet. Don’t miss out!

Opera House Arts (OHA) is proud to present, on Saturday, April 19 at 7 p.m., an new live cabaret-in-development, Goodnight, Nurse: The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet as Told by Someone Who Was There. Like OHA’s previous Shakespeare cabaret adaptations, Welcome Home, Hamlet (2012) and Congratulations, Macbeth! (2013), Goodnight, Nurse is crafted to tell a familiar Shakespeare story, Romeo and Juliet, from a contemporary perspective, using popular music to advance the adapted narrative. Goodnight, Nurse is written by Peter Lettre (OHA As You Like It, Macbeth, member of the recording band Barbez), directed by Peter Richards (OHA Brilliant Traces, Dying City, The Aliens, Elizabeth Rex), and features Rachel Murdy (OHA The Millay Sisters, Measure for Measure, and many others) alongside special guest, guitarist Orly Bendavid.

Kestenbaum “Only Now” at OHA! *Free* Poetry Event

Stonington Farmers Market encourages everyone to take advantage of this free literary event celebrating National Poetry Month.

Poet Stuart Kestenbaum will give a reading from his new book, Only Now, forthcoming from Deerbrook Editions this month, at the Stonington Opera House on Thursday, April 24 at 7 pm. The event is in conjunction with National Poetry Month.
Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 8.30.06 AM

“Stuart Kestenbaum’s Only Now is a rare accomplishment: a collection of poems that takes on the fragility of the world and our own mortality, and does so with unflinching directness and, most impressively, with wit and a sincere prayerfulness,” Stephen Dunn, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for poetry, has written in advance praise for Kestenbaum’s new book.

Admission is by free will donation the evening of the reading. For more information, please go to or call the Stonington Opera House at 207-367-2788.

2014 Vendor List is Ready

We now have the official 2014 vendor list for the Stonington Farmers Market. We look forward to a fine summer 2014 season!

CLICK This Link to get the PDF File of the Vendor List:

Back From Aruba

El El Frijoles is putting on one last Supper Club event this year. It will be featuring flavors from Aruba.

Michael Rossney, owner of El El Frijoles, has a wonderful family history and here is a story that will truly delight you:

In 1905, my Great, Great grandfather Horace Eaton found and purchased Edgehill, the great big summer house in Sargentville that has been the anchor of 6 generations of our family, and the reason that so many of us are in Maine in the first place. Recently, an Atlanta-based syndicated radio show host’s girlfriend (try THAT for sentence structure, english majors!) found a letter inside of an antique dresser she bought. They began to talk about this letter on-air, and started a really interesting wave of interest and excitement in the story of the letter writer and his recipient (turns out to be Horace and his soon-to-be wife Emily). Read the full story by clicking here.

Saturday is Absolute Deadline!

Hey Everybody! Thank you to those vendors who have already sent in their applications. REMINDER: the Stonington Farmers Market will NOT accept ANY applications postmarked later than THIS SATURDAY March 15th! So if you are trying to be considered for the 2014 season, PLEASE get your applications in no later than this Saturday!

Good luck and we’ll see you in middle of May!

Geoffrey Warner Studio Sale thru April 1st

Here’s what’s happening at one of the Stonington Farmers Market artisan vendors:

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 12.59.06 PM

Building Chairs & Unique Sale!

Greetings from Maine! …and Geoffrey Warner Studio!
From Drafting Table to Shop,
“Jigging Up” Supports Consistency and Efficiency

As we continue to slide through, dig out, and stoke up our fires during this “wicked cold” Maine winter, the shop is preparing to “jig up” for two chair orders.

We are building sets of Stonington Continuous Arm Chairs and Owl Chairs over the next few months for some of our enthusiastic and supportive customers.

When building multiples of one design it is necessary to create and set up jigs in order to be efficient and accurate while making intricately shaped parts that form a finished piece. I love embracing the day when dozens of carefully shaped parts converge and we begin gluing pieces together.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 12.56.18 PM

Gluing & Shaping

Often the ” jigging up” can take many times longer than the actual shaping, routing, morticing, cutting and drilling.
What is important when building small limited production furniture runs, is that the original design addresses building techniques and is complete enough to support accuracy and efficiency in the shop. Such considerations during design conception bring ease and grace into the chair building dance.

Chair Dancing

Tage Frid, my teacher at RISD, always encouraged us to remember that “form follows function.” As a free wheeling artist I used to shun those words, but now as a practical furniture designer, continuing to grow the line of Owl Furniture, I live by them.

In order to build even more efficiency into these two batches of chairs we would love to add more to both batches.

Perhaps you will consider a pair or even a set of Continuous Arm Chairs or Owl Chairs for you and your family?
Your grandchildren will thank you!
All our handcrafted furniture is guaranteed for life and made in Maine.

Chair and Stool Set Incentives:
Owl Chairs: 10% off each or one free with order of 7 or more (see image below)
Std Retail: 18″ $775; 24″ $945
Select American Cherry or Walnut

Stonington Continuous Arm Chair: 15% off each or one free chair with order of 5 or more
Sale price: $2052.75 ea.
Std Retail: $2415 ea. (see image in header above)
Select American Cherry, Walnut or Ash
4 Legged 24″ – 32″ Owl Bar Stool: one free with order of four or more
Std Retail: 24″ $495; 25-32″ $525 (cherry or walnut seats)
Rolling Owl Stools and Owl Perch Stools:
Free shipping, plus 20% off!
All offers are good until April 1st, 2014

The image below shows an Owl Chair in Cherry with a Peanut Desk. The Owl Chair may be used in the office, dining room, or kitchen counter. You may select a seat height of 18″ or 24″ and we offer these comfortable chairs in Cherry or Walnut.

This is a Unique Sale! –perhaps we’re a little stir crazy after this winter!

Sincerely, Thank You for your continued support and interest in our handcrafted furniture.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Geoff & the G.W. Studio Team

Geoffrey Warner Studio

*Don’t Miss the 3/15 Deadline!*

What deadline is even more important than tax day? The IRS will let you file an extension but the Stonington Farmers Market will not! Everyone wants to be part of the Stonington Farmers Market because it’s the best farmers market in Maine! We’ve got the most vendors and the largest group of loyal customers and you don’t want to miss out. We don’t want you to miss out, either! Tell your market vendor friends, too, so they don’t forget. The deadline is 11 days away.

So get 2014 Farmers Market Application in to this address by no later than March 15th.(Drive it over there if you have to just to make sure—NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED AFTER MARCH 15TH!):

SFM Applications
41 Caterpillar Hill Road
Sargentville, ME 04673